Gena Berry

Executive Chef Tory McPhail has led the kitchen of Commander's Palace for 17 years, and has been an integral part of the Commander's Palace culinary team for 27 years. 

McPhail hails form the small town of Ferndale, Washington, where he learned to appreciate local goods and the comfortable gathering place of his parents' kitchen. Corn planted in the spring would become dinner in the summer; fish caught in the afternoon from his family's stocked pond would make it to the plate by dusk. "I knew food didn't just come from the grocery store and magically appear there," he says. "Being able to watch it all grow gave me a passion for natural foods."

McPhail continues his dedication to creating and sustaining strong relationships with local purveyors, as well as executing exciting dishes in the Commander's kitchen.  For details, visit Commander's Palace.

Be sure to try Chef McPhail's recipe for Key West shrimp by watching his video on Peter's Facebook, and order your shrimp today!