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Large Stone Crab Claws

Fresh Florida stone crab claws are a sweet, succulent and sustainable seafood delicacy. Our day boat fisherman select only the finest stone crabs and sustainably harvest one claw before returning the crab to the ocean. Peter ships his claws to top chefs in the finest restaurants, and reserves select inventory for home delivery. Cooked fresh then shipped and served cold, the claws are accompanied by Peter's delicious mustard dipping sauce. Two wooden mallets are provided for your cracking fun!


Are the stone crabs pre-cracked?
They are not cracked so that they stay fresher longer. Please do not crack claws until you are ready to consume.

How long will the stone crabs last?
Stone crabs will last 48-72 hours if left uncracked. They taste best if eaten the day that they arrive.

How do you crack stone crabs?
An instruction sheet will be provided with your delivery.

How do we store stone crabs until we eat them?
Remove from packaging and keep on ice in the refrigerator or in a cooler chest.

Where are the stone crabs caught? 
They are sustainably harvested in the Florida Keys.

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