I share so many special memories with my dad, but one of my favorites is our Father’s Day tradition. Every June, my dad and I go fishing. Whether it be deep sea fishing in the Florida Keys or off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, we spend Father’s Day on the boat, reeling in the fish of the deep blue sea. My dad loves to fish, and seeing him in action on the boat, doing what he loves, is so special. This past Father’s Day we went to the Florida Keys, leaving the dock early in the morning for our day of deep-sea fishing. From mahi mahi to grouper and snapper, the fish were definitely biting. 

The ocean was deep blue, and the sun very warm as we ventured out to the Gulf Stream. My dad’s expertise is what made this fishing trip especially successful. He knows exactly where to go, when to go, and how to find the fish. I remember him telling me “follow the birds, the birds are where you'll find the fish”. So, we tailed the birds and boy, did we find the jackpot! You could spot the schools of mahi mahi by their electric green and yellow tones . As the day went on, we caught grouper, snapper, amberjacks, and rose fish. My dad knew everything about every species of fish we reeled into the boat. It’s so amazing to see him in his element. It was an unbelievable Father’s Day, and I was so fortunate to be spending it with my dad doing what he loves, and is his passion. 

~With Love, Domenica Jarvis

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