Where the Chef's Shop for Seafood

A recent review in the Wall Street Journal mentions Peter's Florida Seafood in an online seafood buying guide. Peter Jarvis has been providing the highest quality, freshest seafood to top chefs across the USA for over 30 years, and now delivers direct to the home chef overnight to enjoy restaurant quality dishes at home.  Click here to read the article. 

[Excerpt] THERE’S NEVER been a better time to buy seafood online. With the crushing impact of the pandemic on the hospitality industry, seafood purveyors that once counted on wholesale business to restaurants and hotels have pivoted to direct-to-consumer online retail. "It’s been survival mode,” said Peter Jarvis, president, CEO and chief fishmonger of Peter’s Florida Seafood. His company relied primarily on wholesale for 30 years, up until March of this year. Wholesale business in 2020 is still down by about 75% from what it was by this time last year, but online-retail sales of Florida stone crab claws and other fish caught in the state’s coastal waters have kept Mr. Jarvis in business and customers happy. “People are excited to get chef-quality seafood on a consistent basis, and it means a lot because they aren’t going out,” Mr. Jarvis said.

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